Fridge Compressors

1. The ability of gauging valve plate gaskets under compression at high speed is a compulsory requirement in this huge volumes application. Suzhou MMG inherits long-standing and superiority market position, technology and expertise from its mother company. We provide our customers with products of superior quality and best service. 

2. Valve plate inside a hermetic compressor is vital to its performance. Insufficient thickness can create unwanted noise while excessive thickness can lead to inadequate compression ratio. MMG Suzhou offers the most precise solution in the market. 

   ●  High Precision: Thickness precision is 0.003mm, it meets the most demanding thickness precision in the market;

   ●  High Output: Operational output of 2500 pieces per minute is second to none in the market; 

   ●  Steady Supply: Long term cooperation with materials supplier ensures the steady availability of the full range of thicknesses;

   ●  Sing Marking: Our machine is printing-enabled, that ensures sorting and printing are all done in one machine without mistakes.