In the electronic field, MMG has optimum materials and a vast experiences when cooperating with the world's top 500 enterprises. MMG provides products and solutions to customers based on the actual product application. MMG also gets engaged with customers even for product design and development.

MMG products are used in the areas below:

1. Severs & Computers:

These insulators are die cut to customer's requirements. The insulators would be placed between the components of the server. The insulators are stuck to the components ,in order to separate two neighboring parts. The purpose here is to form an insulating effect. And for the die cut wave-absorbing materials, they not only have the insulating function, but also have the function to absorb electronic waves. These die-cut parts are widely used on server and computers.


2. Acoustics;

MMG uses special sound-absorbing sponge to provide the die-cut products. These products can be used in acoustic area to absorb sound and to prevent sound reflection. They also help to improve sound articulation and sound effect. Some die cut foam is used to pack batteries of acoustic equipment, in order to protect the batteries.